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Laser Focus – Start With The Rule of One

“In the beginning, you are much better off doing one thing really well, rather than trying to do multiple things decently.”

Once you understand the Pareto Principle, it’s easier to then appreciate the focus of The Power of One.

While The ‘Rule of One’ is the Winning Formula for Startups, it is also handy to help you declutter an established business. 

The Rule of One is an excellent way to focus on your new eCommerce channel.

“Consumers don’t want choice; they want freedom from choice. If you can solve one problem really well for a customer with one simple feature, those consumers telling all their friends is the only marketing you’ll need.”

Jonathan Greechan – The ‘Rule of One’ is the Winning Formula for Startups


Worksheet – Your Own Rule of One

The Rules Explanation Your Business Rule of One
one problem Focus on just one job a customer needs to do.
one customer Focus on just one job-executioner segment doing that job.
one product Focus on just one product that will do the job with perfect outcomes
one killer feature Focus on providing and promoting just one key need that your customers don’t yet have a perfect outcome for that they want. 
one sales channel Focus on becoming excellent with just one sales channel that will introduce you to most of that one customer segment.
one minimal-steps revenue stream Focus on minimising advertising and replacing with subscriptions, repeat orders, building customer success and loyalty, and customer referrals.

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