Business Development

  • Managing sales growth of 350 per cent in three years at Nissan Motor Parts Division, while:
    • restraining inventory growth to just 40 per cent,
    • maintaining building size with better cube utilisation,
    • optimizing inventory movement and storage,
    • doubling order picking rates, and
    • reducing staff levels.
  • Implementing business performance tracking systems to ensure an early response to trends.
  • Implementing financial analysis dashboard for small and medium business to measure survival, profitability, growth and productivity metrics
  • Analysing extraordinary growth trends of 50% annually in an events company:
    • developed and implemented an expansion plan that increased capacity by 200% in buildings, equipment and staff for the following four years, and
    • secured investors for the capital required.
  • Managing own consultancy small businesses in Australia and Bali.
  • Improving retail shop sales conversion rates from 23% to 38%.
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