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Graeme Stevens, CEO volqezag.com

I want our Volqezag Sales Solution to help you develop your online business to be 5x the “average” online business, in your market niche. 

And we can do this.

It’s not even an incredibly difficult goal.

The motto of my adult life has been, “To help people grow” and I do this through the channel of business.

I’ve helped people as a small business owner, a corporate CEO, a consultant in corporates and with small business, in the Pacific and in Southeast Asia.

My business background is varied 

Corporate C-suite roles for 13 years –

  • Nissan Motor Parts Division – running $70+ million business. 60,00 products.
  • Bowater Scott – National Distribution Manager, increasing profitability by $500,000 per year.
  • Calorie Control Foods – 130 health food retail shops plus wholesale plus production.

Business consulting for 11 years –

  • with such giants as PriceWaterhouse for business re-engineering,
  • Colby Business Systems for major business systems improvements.

Project Management for 10 years –

  • Design and management of a multi-million dollar wireless and computer system for New Zealand Apple and Pear Board – the largest in the Southern Hemisphere in its time.
  • Assets management system with Queensland Electricity Commission as part of a $40 million project.

Basically, I’m an innovator. 

I look at a problem and find ways to get bigger and better outcomes.

  • At university I struggled with commercial law until I applied IT flowcharts, discovered it was no more than an expert system, and gained honours.
  • With the Australian Army, I worked on a computerised process to reduce the costs of analysing inventory needs from $1 per item to 3 cents.
  • With Nissan Motors Parts Division I analysed ordering flows and warehousing practice, and achieved successive sales growth over three years compounded to 258% with no increase in staff and a reduction in operating costs.
  • With Bowater-Scott I analysed delivery practices and packaging best practice, then reduced transportation costs by 350% worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for an outlay of just $11,500.
  • With Queensland Newsagents wholesaler I increased their item availability (and therefore sales) from an average of 65% to 98% for Category A products, 92% for Category B products, and reduced their capital outlay in inventory by $2.4 million.
  • With one yoga fashion retailer I increased their profit growth rate by 44% over 3 years.
  • With my small business strategic tool, neXtepeasy.com (NXE), I helped an entertainment business improve their gross margin by 40% in six months.
  • As a writer with my advisory series as the Bali Business Builder, I helped hundreds of small business owners increase their capacity to survive, increase profitability and growth.

We can overcome the problems you have, we can innovate and help you achieve your dreams.

I’m hopeful, even confident, that by the time you finish using our services, you too will have grown – in your business skills and your income.


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